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About us...

 IN THE HEART of Terra Viva Services... 

Lies the essence of holistic home wellness, a vision passionately shared by co-founders Tom and Alicia. Their journey has been shaped by a commitment to enhancing not just the physical space, but also the mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of living environments.

Since steering the company towards this holistic mission in September 2022, they have cultivated a sanctuary of sustainability and harmony in homes throughout the Lower North Shore, a testament to their dedication since the firm’s inception in 2007.

 Thomas Datt, revered in the
trance music world 

for his ethereal beats and soul-stirring melodies, has been a guiding force in the electronic music sphere since 2003. While his tunes continue to resonate with fans globally, Thomas’s true passion flourishes in his spiritual vocation.

His work as an energy healer, employing techniques like Holographic Light Healing, oracle card reading, and crystal therapy, reflects his deep commitment to fostering inner peace and environmental synergy.

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 Alicia’s 20-year tenure in
strategic marketing 

for health-oriented products has been the bedrock of her approach to business.

Beyond her professional prowess, she is a devoted practitioner of holistic living, with qualifications in Reiki and channeling.

As a Human Design Manifestor, Alicia infuses her leadership with intuition and insight, ensuring that Terra Viva's p
ath is aligned with the principles of authenticity and personal alignment.

 Together, they are the dynamic duo behind Terra Viva Services,  championing a comprehensive approach to well-being.

Their leadership reflects a fusion of their values:
Thomas’s tranquil artistry and Alicia’s strategic intuition,
both aiming to elevate
home wellness beyond the conventional.

Their mission is clear—to create living spaces that not only support physical health but also nurture mental clarity, emotional resilience, and spiritual growth, guiding every home towards becoming a haven of complete well-being.

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