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Transform Your Home
into a Haven of Health and Harmony

with Our Holistic Low-Tox Home Wellness Service.

Harsh chemicals pollute your home and your well-being, leaving you yearning for a healthier, more vibrant space.

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IMAGINE A HOME where EVERY SURFACE gleams with purity,
where LOW-TOX LIVING energises your spirit,

and where Terra Viva's Home Wellness Service fosters a sanctuary of serenity.
IMAGINE A HOME where EVERY SURFACE gleams with purity,
where LOW-TOX LIVING energises your spirit,

and where Terra Viva's Home Wellness Service fosters a sanctuary of serenity.
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Ensures Every Corner Of Your Home Is Not Only Spotless 
But Also Imbued With Positive Energy, Making It A Haven Of Well-Being.
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Sweeps Away Lingering Negativity,
Leaving Your Space Refreshed And Balanced.
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Our Home Detox Takes Your Home From A Chemical-Laden Environment
To A Sanctuary That Supports Your Health And Vitality.
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Terra Viva's Home Wellness Service,
your home becomes a canvas for Holistic Living,
where every detail contributes to your overall Wellness Journey.

Terra Viva's Home Wellness Service,
your home becomes a canvas for Holistic Living,
where every detail contributes to your overall Wellness Journey.

Embark on a journey From  -  Toxic    To  -  Tranquil
with Terra Viva Services.

Discover how our Home Wellness Service
sets us apart from traditional cleaning companies:

1. Holistic Wellness Approach: We go beyond surface cleaning, integrating holistic principles that promote well-being. Our methods encompass not only physical cleanliness but also energetic balance, creating a harmonious environment that nurtures your mind, body, and spirit.


2. Low-Tox Living Expertise: We're pioneers in low-tox living, advocating for a healthier lifestyle by eliminating harsh chemicals from your home. Our expert team conducts a thorough product audit and swaps out toxic products for safer alternatives, enhancing your space's overall health.


3. Energetic Clearing: Our unique service includes energetic clearing, a practice rooted in ancient wisdom that removes negative energies from your home. This extra layer of care ensures your living space is not only clean but also spiritually refreshed, promoting positivity and harmony.


4. Personalised Cleaning Plans: We understand that every home is unique. Our skilled team tailors each cleaning plan to your specific needs, focusing on the areas that matter most to you. This personalised approach guarantees a comprehensive and satisfying clean every time.

5. Comprehensive Home Wellness: Terra Viva is more than a cleaning service – we're your dedicated home wellness partner. We guide you through the transition to low-tox living, offering ongoing support and resources to help you maintain a healthier, more vibrant home environment.

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Blue Couch and End Table

Experience the Terra Viva difference
as we transform your home into a sanctuary

that radiates WELLNESS, BALANCE, and PEACE.

A neglected home can impact not just the physical space but also your physical health, mental clarity, emotional well-being, and spiritual balance.

Physical Health:

A cluttered and dirty home can harbor allergens, dust, and germs, leading to respiratory issues, allergies, and even chronic illnesses. Our expert team ensures your home is spotless, creating a sanctuary for your physical well-being.


Mental Clutter:

A disorganised home often reflects a chaotic mind. We specialise in decluttering both your space and your thoughts, reducing stress and enhancing mental clarity.

Emotional Harmony:

Neglecting your living space can foster negative emotions, affecting your relationships and inner peace. Our holistic approach transforms your space to promote emotional well-being.


Spiritual Balance:

A spiritually disconnected environment can leave you feeling disconnected from your inner self and the world around you. Our holistic solutions infuse your home with positive energy, aligning it with your spiritual journey.

Don't let the disarray in your home hold you back from living your best life.

We are here to help you heal your home, your life, and your soul, creating a haven for your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.


Experience a revitalised home with a sense
of wellness and tranquility 
like never before.

Experience a revitalised home with a sense
of wellness and tranquility 
like never before.



Our Entry-Level
Home Wellness Package

begins with a thorough and expert
home cleaning service.

We Use Our Specially Curated Low-Tox Products
to ensure that your living space
is not only spotless, but also
ee from harsh chemicals.

This Foundational Package
provides a fresh and clean starting point for your journey towards a healthier home environment.


Luxurious Kitchen

Upgrade Your Wellness Experience
with our Home Cleaning +
Low-Tox Products package.

In Addition
To Our Meticulous
Cleaning Service,

we go a step further by replacing your current toxic cleaning and personal care products with high-quality,
low-tox alternatives.

This Transformation Not Only Maintains The Cleanliness Of Your Home
but also elevates its overall wellness.


Luxurious Hotel Bed


Our Premium Home
Wellness Package

is a comprehensive solution for those seeking a holistic living environment.

In Addition To
Our Expert Cleaning,

we conduct a full toxic audit of
your home, identifying and replacing
toxic cleaning 
and personal care products with low-tox alternatives.

We Take Care Of The Refill
And Reordering Of
These Products,

ensuring a hassle-free experience. Moreover, we provide remote or
in-person energetic clearing of
your ho
me quarterly, fostering an ongoing sense of positivity and balance.

With This Package,

you can enjoy the benefits of

a truly harmonious and low-tox
living space, worry-free.

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Transparent  Pricing,

Tailored  Service

Our services start from just $170 per clean,
but your final quote is tailored to your chosen package and specific home needs.

At Terra Viva, we believe in transparent, customised pricing to ensure you get the best value for your unique requirements.

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Our Journey


At Terra Viva Services,
we do what we do because we believe
that the choices we make for our homes
have a profound impact on our well-being,
the environment, and our community.

Pivoted to a low-tox direction since
September 2022 by Tom and Alicia,
Terra Viva represents a transformation of
a local business that has been serving
the Lower North Shore area since 2007.

Our  Vision 

and   Motivation

Our journey into the world of low-tox living
was driven by a shared passion
for holistic well-being, a deep respect

for the environment, and a commitment
to creating spaces where physical, mental,
and spiritual health would flourish.

Friends affectionately refer to us as 'the hippies' because of our unwavering dedication to values
that prioritise what's best for our bodies,
minds, the planet, and our overall
sense of harmony.

Why Low -  Tox

We chose to take the business
low-tox because it aligns seamlessly
with our personal values and principles.

We couldn't, in all good conscience,
own a company that didn't reflect these values.
Low-tox living isn't just a trend for us; it's a way of life that we wholeheartedly embrace.

We believe that by offering low-tox cleaning services, we can make a positive difference in the lives of our clients, our team members, and
the world around us.

Meet  -   The   -   Team

Meet  -   The   -   Team

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Thomas Datt First Made His Mark
as a renowned musician in 2003, captivating audiences worldwide with his mesmerising tunes and electronic beats. 

He Also Released 2 Full-Length Albums
and remixed music from Trance legends such as
Paul Oakenfold, Chicane, and Above &
s well as pop artists such as CHVRCHES,
Britney Spears, and The Temper Trap.

However, His Passion For Making
The World A Better Place

led him to embark on a new adventure as the co-owner of a low-tox cleaning business.

Tom Is Also Known For His
Spiritual Side As An Energy Healer,

dedicating himself to helping individuals find balance, 
peace, and harmony through the use of Holographic Light Healing, oracle cards, and crystals. 

Whether Through His Music, His Commitment To Sustainability, Or His Spiritual Guidance,
Tom continues to inspire and uplift those he touches on his remarkable journey.

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A Seasoned Professional With
20 Years Of Experience

in business marketing, Alicia spent a decade in product management for skin care and cleaning products with top global brands, and has adeptly managed diverse product ranges, ensuring quality and sustainability.


Beyond Business, Alicia's Dedication
to holistic living is evident. Qualified in Reiki and trained in channeling, Alicia combines traditional and spiritual insights for a balanced approach to well-being. A passionate advocate for Human Design, Alicia believes it serves as a guide
to one's soul's blueprint.


As A Dynamic Human Design Manifestor, 
Alicia's mission is clear: championing holistic living and pioneering low-tox practices. Beyond her professional pursuits, Alicia cherishes her connection with music, both as an ardent aficionado and a gifted singer

Alicia's Background In Holistic Well-Being
and her commitment to the values of low-tox living makes her a driving force behind Terra Viva Services.

Her Dedication To Creating A Healthier,
more harmonious living environment
is evident in every aspect 
of our business.

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Elevating Home Care:
More Than Just Cleaning

This Is for You If:
  1. You Value Health and Wellness: 
    If you prioritise your family's well-being and believe in the importance of a low-tox living environment, our services align perfectly with your values.

  2. You Seek a Holistic Approach:
    If you're looking for more than just cleaning, if you desire a holistic approach that nurtures physical, mental, and spiritual wellness within your home, Terra Viva Services is the right fit for you.

  3. You Appreciate Sustainability:
    If you're environmentally conscious and prefer eco-friendly, sustainable solutions over harsh chemicals, our commitment to low-tox living resonates with your principles.

  4. You Want Personalised Care:
    If you appreciate tailored service that addresses your unique home needs and preferences, our dedication to customisation ensures your satisfaction.

  5. You Desire Ongoing Support:
    If you value continuous support, resources, and guidance for maintaining a low-tox lifestyle, Terra Viva Services is here to assist you every step of the way.

This Is NOT for You If:
  1. You Prefer Traditional Cleaning:
    If you are solely looking for traditional cleaning services without an emphasis on low-tox living and holistic well-being, our approach may not align with your needs.

  2. You Don't Value Sustainability:
    If environmental sustainability and eco-friendly products are not a priority in your home, our commitment to low-tox living may not be a primary consideration for you.

  3. You Don't Want Personalisation:
    If you prefer a one-size-fits-all cleaning service without customisation to your unique home and preferences, our personalised approach may not suit your requirements.

  4. You're Not Interested in Holistic Wellness:
    If you're solely focused on the physical aspects of cleaning and not interested in the holistic aspects of well-being, our comprehensive approach may not be what you're seeking.

  5. You Don't Seek Ongoing Support:
    If you don't value ongoing support, education, and resources to maintain a low-tox living space, our commitment to assisting you in your wellness journey may not be a priority.

If you're seeking a quick, budget-friendly 'wipe and go' service,
Terra Viva may not be the right fit.

We are dedicated to delivering a higher level of care, well-being, and sustainability,
and we're here for those who value the difference.


Don't Wait!

Embrace a Future Filled with Health, Harmony, and Happiness.

Book with Terra Viva Services Today.

Congratulations On Taking Steps Towards
Your Low-Tox Journey!
If you're still pondering if Terra Viva aligns with your path, 
here are our most frequently asked questions to clarify any uncertainties.
  • What is low-tox living?
    Low-tox living is a lifestyle choice that minimises exposure to harmful chemicals for a healthier, more vibrant life.
  • What is involved in a product audit?
    Our experts assess and replace toxic household products with safe, low-tox alternatives.
  • Why is low-tox living important to the wellness of your home?
    Low-tox living reduces indoor pollutants, enhancing air quality and overall well-being.
  • What is energy clearing and why do I need it?
    Energy clearing removes stagnant or negative energies, promoting harmony and balance in your living space.
  • Are your cleaners trained, police checked, and insured?
    Yes, our certified cleaners are thoroughly trained, police checked, and fully insured for your peace of mind.
  • Will I get the same cleaner at my home every time?
    Yes, we strive to provide consistency by assigning the same cleaner to your home whenever possible.
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Revitalise Your Home and Well-Being


Book Your Home Wellness Quote and Experience the Terra Viva Difference.

Elevate Your Home. Elevate Your Life.
Embrace True Wellness with Terra Viva Services.

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